Company history

June, 2000
Vision Corp. was established.
April, 2001
Business with Hitachi Electronics engineering started
Sales of Glass Mountain Optics products in Japan started
June, 2001
Business started with Kamoshita precision (special mirrors).
Business started with Japan Cell (lenses).
October, 2001
Joint development of special glasses with Asahi Glass Company
March, 2002
Web management business for Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
May, 2002
VISION,INC. was established.
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment and tele communication business was transferred from Vision Corp.
Vision Corp. takes charge of the amusement and the control of real estate.
September, 2002
Shin-etsu Crystal products business startde
October, 2002
Nitto Optical products business started
April, 2003
Direct account business started with Hitachi Electronics Engineering Co.
May, 2004
Active Vibration Isolator business started with TMC, USA.
October, 2005
Business started with Hitachi Hight Technologies
January, 2006
Business started with Mejiro Genossen Inc.
April, 2006
The capital was increased to 20 million yen.
August, 2006
Business started with Hitachi Kokusai Electric Company
June, 2007
Business started with Applied Materaials Japan
July, 2008
The headquarters office is moved from Hodogaya to Hiranuma, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama.
May, 2007
Business started with Nichia Chemicals Co.
April, 2008
Business started with Ono Sokk Co.
June, 2008
Business started with SII Nanotechnology Company